Light up
your life run

Light up
your life run
L i g h t  u p
y o u r  l i f r u n

East Coast Park
03 Oct 2015 Sat

Come join the first charity run in Singapore!

Light Up Your Life Run


SOSD launched Healing Paws, our Animal Assisted Activities ("AAA”) program in early 2014 as one of our community engagement projects.

SOSD approached Assisi Hospice to be a beneficiary of Healing Paws because we Assisi Hospice’s work resonates deeply with our values, and we believe that the patients of Assisi will be able to benefit from our AAA program. What started as a pilot project with Assisi Hospice has now blossomed into a robust program with 50 volunteers and dogs, 9 beneficiaries, weekly sessions, and hundreds of patients benefitting from the positive effects of animal-assisted activities. Today, SOSD still still conducts monthly Healing Paws sessions in Assisi Hospice.

As part of our expanding focus, SOSD is committed to expanding on our community involvement projects in 2015, and beyond. We strive to be recognized as a leading humane organization with an interest in animal welfare and to promote the positive interaction between humans and animals.

SOSD advocates compassion, love and kindness towards humans and animals. We promote respect for all living beings, and tolerance towards the less fortunate - animals and humans alike.

This charity run will be the first of its kind in Singapore. There has never been a charity run organized by both an animal welfare organization and a human charity organization to raise funds, using a single platform. The theme “Light Up Your Life” celebrates the mission of both charities: to heal, to bring comfort, and to bring hope to those in need.